Life Stage Transitions

Better Care Living

Life Stage Transitions NDIS

Better Care Living offers a wide range of support and care to assist individuals undergoing Life Stage Transitions. Be it short-term or long-term goals, we will work with you to be successful in your endeavours. Through psychosocial coaching, therapeutic support and other community-based approach, Better Care Living will assist you in developing strategies to enable you navigate through that overwhelming and stressful life transition. We assist you in coordinating and planning your transitioning, while using the strength of your abilities to tailor the approach towards achieving your goals. 

Changes are often necessary and inevitable which is part of life. Some life stage transitions can happen unexpectedly and that’s why Better Care living is always available and willing to assist, guide and support you through that journey. 

Life stage transitions may include things like retiring from a job, moving away from friends and family, adjusting to chronic illness, starting a new job, undergoing studies and so on. Actualising any of those can be daunting, exhausting, anxiety provoking and can cause sleepless nights or make you feel that you are not coping. Better Care Living can help you make a smooth transition to a new opportunity or lifestyle that you desire without impacting your comfort or overall wellbeing.

The Services we offer under Life Stage Transitions include:

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